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FIRA 2018 Robotics Competition

12 Aug 2018 . category: Robotics . Comments
#fira #robotics

FIRA (Federation of International Robot-soccer Association) 2018 has concluded and I am very happy to have participated! Participating in this competition was an incredibly challenging situation, as well as a very rewarding one. Robotics competitions are like hackathons, except they go on for 5 days :) .The Snobots Adult team earned the following trophies:

  • 1st place in Moving Archery event
  • 1st place in Triple Jump event
  • 3rd place in Basketball event

This was my favorite moment in the competition:

A flashy pic combining Snobots adult and kid size awards:

The qualification video for FIRA 2018:

Mario Mendez is a passionate Computer Science student living in Canada.